Low Impact Automobile Accidents and Massage Therapy

Having a strong knowledge base of low impact automobile accidents is something that may be very helpful to you at this time, and knowing how a highly trained Fort Collins massage therapist and facility can assist you with pain relief is also very helpful and encouraging.A low impact car accident is normally thought as an event which occurs at rates of speed lower than 10 miles-per-hour (mph). This kind of accident generally will cause the very least degree of injury to the automobiles engaged in the accident. Human body injuries could come about from virtually any accident including types which take place with automobiles traveling lower than 10 mph. Soft tissue injuries are usually the most typical problem for the people associated with a low impact automobile accident.An automobile accident which happens at speeds somewhere between 10 and 15 mph usually provides minimal visible destruction of the actual vehicles involved. At times due to the fact that minimal harm had been performed to the automobile the soft tissue injuries for the individuals inside the automobiles are generally overlooked. This does not necessarily imply that physical injuries didn’t happen to the individuals while in the collision, even if it was a low impact collision. Many of these low impact car accident victims in our will receive Fort Collins massage, chiropractic, and physical therapy for whiplash and other injuries to the muscle tissue that cause pain to the neck and upper back area.Even though a motor vehicle was designed to take a slow-moving 5 to 10 mph accident that isn’t automatically accurate for the human body. In a low impact car accident an individual’s soft tissue may be affected. The neck and back are definitely the most common concern areas for soft tissue injuries. Generally speaking soft tissue is an individual’s ligaments, tendons and also muscles. Soft tissue injuries are commonly categorized as contusions otherwise known as bruises, sprains or strains. There are a number of Fort Collins massage facilities that see these type of injuries on an ongoing basis, especially since the traffic in town is becoming more and more of an issue with all the vehicles on the road.A contusion can be an issue for the soft tissue due to blunt force. This kind of force generates pooling of blood throughout the damaged area producing discoloring of the epidermis (skin). This is often referred to as a bruise. Bruising may be found in several shapes, designs, and colors. A sprain is simply an injury to the ligament generally caused by a wrench or even a twist. A sprain may be a basic sprain, an incomplete tear or perhaps a full-blown tear. This could happen to many parts of a individual’s physical structure while in an automobile accident. It’s not at all uncommon for a individual to shift within their seat as a motor vehicle hits theirs while in the automobile accident.A strain can be an injury for the muscle tissue or tendons as a result of excessive use, force or over extending. The actual force from the automobile accident may push on a individual’s soft tissue or trigger segments to extend in an abnormal process. Muscles and tendons support the bones. A strain could potentially cause a partial or even full tear in the muscle and tendon together. The neck of a automobile occupant can easily whip frontward resulting in the most frequent rear impact injury often known as whiplash. Many individuals in the Northern Colorado community have received medical massage for their whiplash injury. For example you may want to find a Fort Collins massage therapist for your care, but be sure this therapist and clinic take insurance for payment or you will be stuck paying for the therapy yourself out of pocket.One of the major automobile companies did a research study with regards to auto accidents at speeds under 8 mph. They discovered that these specific injuries do take place at such low speeds. The research furthermore demonstrated that whiplash injuries account for greater than 50% of all injuries associated with vehicular accidents. One Fort Collins therapist stated that she has had many clients who stated that medical massage along with chiropractic care work very well together for the healing process of whiplash.Despite the fact that most of these injuries tend to be characteristically categorized as minor, practically 30% of people damaged in low speed crashes have said they experience neck problems as much as four years later. This injury may very well be more serious in people who encountered a rear end impact accident. Depending on how old the individual, this particular injury may cause a more permanent disability. A motor vehicle may take the force of a low speed accident without having very much damage as a result of the advancements automobile companies have produced in the building of their automobiles.When an accident does occur the force of the automobile accident forces inertia someplace and when the automobile has consumed part of it, in which the energy aside the passengers take the remainder. These forces are generally the cause of individuals physical harm even within a low impact accident of under 10 mph. Soft tissue injuries may appear to people involved in a low speed impact despite the fact that these types of injuries may be difficult to notice that they are present. With the increased amount of growth in the city over the past years, Fort Collins massage therapists have seen an increase in individuals dealing with automobile accident injuries.

Who Really Invented the Automobile?

The automobile has long been a part of the American culture. We rely on it on a personal level for activities such as going from home to work, the store or other locations but also on a less personal level (though of equal importance) to get products delivered to stores and business of every type. For many of us, it is something easily taken for granted- in fact, statistics show that the average American household has at least 3 vehicles-yet the automobile has only been around a bit over a century.People all around the world have benefited from the automobile. And perhaps, some might wonder, did the early inventors of the automobile ever dream that what they did would have such widespread influence. And, in addition, who exactly invented the automobile?For many, it may come as surprise that it was not Henry Ford who first invented the automobile. Rather, the automobile can trace its roots back to as early as 1769 when Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot of France introduced the first self- propelled road vehicle. The vehicle was a three-wheeled tractor-like carriage which was used by the military; it could travel at a speed of 2.5 miles per hour. However, it should be noted that there is some disagreement that this vehicle actually worked.During the late 1700s to the late 1800s there were many other “vehicles” introduced. These include automobiles from inventors like G. W. Daimler, Robert Anderson and George B. Selden. But it was not until the mid 1880s that Karl Friedrich Benz introduced what is thought to be the first real automobile. The automobile designed by Benz was a gasoline powered motor carriage with a 4 stroke engine. It was a 3 wheeled vehicle with an electric ignition, differential gears and water cooling system. It was first driven in Mannheim, Germany in 1885, and he was granted a patent for his invention in January of 1886. By July of that same year, Benz & Company began selling the automobile to the public and by 1893, the Benz Velo became the world’s first inexpensive, mass produced car. It is suggested by many, that Benz is the first true automobile inventor.On the other side of the Great Pond, the Duryea brothers, Charles and Frank, were also hard at work to develop an automobile. In 1893, they designed the first successful gas powered car. It used a 2 stroke motor and could travel 4 miles per hour. They are also credited with setting up the first American car manufacturing company. Of special interest, Frank Duryea was the winner of America’s first auto race in 1895. It involved 6 cars traveling 54 miles from Chicago to Evanston and back again. Duryea won the race in just over 10 hours with an average speed of 7.3 mph.In 1908, Henry Ford, introduced the Model T for a mere $950, making it affordable to the common man; however, during its 19 years of production its price lowered to as little as $250. The Model T was quite popular and by 1927 almost 15,500,000 had been sold. In 1924, Ford implemented his mass production manufacturing where one car was built in 24 seconds. This innovation earned Ford world recognition and completely changed the American society.The automobile has undergone many transformations since its introduction, and is certain to continue this evolution. But, no matter who you may wish to credit with the invention of the automobile, one thing is certain-it has helped changed and shape the world around us by making people and places come closer together.